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I write, direct, act and I am generally silly for a living. Sometimes I make cool stuff. I am a fan of the Goons. Needle Nardle Noo. Exit BlueBottle stage left to thunderous applause.


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MATADOR - Robert Rodriguez


Obituaries - Driected by Ryan Moody

Body High - Directed by Joe Marklin

Something About Her - Directed by Carl Colpaert

Cockroaches - Directed by Christoffer Aldell

Stevie TV - VH1

Christmas Pageant Directed by Dave Cass Snr

Americano  Directed by Matthieu Demy

From The Head  Directed by George Griffith

Florida Road  Directed by Brad Glass

Natalee Holloway  Directed by Mikael Salomon

Starship Troopers 3 (Marauder) Directed by Ed Neumeier

Doomsday  Directed by Neil Marshall

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